Incandesced presents: echoes

incontrovertibly there, but virtually inviolate to interpretation. - the five and a half minute hallway, #HoL


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Incandesced Presents: Casanova Frankenstein yuletide mashup volume I

On the heels of the solstice, Casanova Frankenstein expresses the meaning of giving & receiving and the departure of the past.

Listen to the yolotide workout jams here

INCANDESCED - Saved or Savaged


Really? An AIDS episode in 1990 that has a moral of no one deserves the disease, those who have it are not pariahs, and that it’s not a solely gay disease? I keep on being surprised at how progressive The Golden Girls is now that I’m revisiting it as an adult. No wonder it resonates so strongly with the queer community outside of the wittiness of the writing.

Compact Fuku: Talking Tumblr Negativity Blues (via theuntitledmag)

(via thechocolatebrigade)

This culture of speaking at people, however, has solely been linked to the loosely-defined group “social justice bloggers.” It is a weird definition because it assumes anyone who actively posts content relating to social issues concerning race, queer issues, feminism is a social justice blogger. So when other bloggers/tumblr users are confronted on very real problematic comments or posts that they’ve made, it is easy for them to dismiss those concerns as “social justice trolling.” It is another way to deflect criticism, a utility in a toolbox that often employs the tools of “you’re taking this too seriously” or “actually, because you’re bringing this up, you are the real [insert societal ill]ist!”
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